Can I borrow your ideas?

Yes, of course! Please give me credit in the form of a citation.


ELA refers to English Language Arts and it is a field in the humanities often taught in secondary school through the study and interpretation of literary texts, intensive writing, and critical thinking. Additional skills like rhetoric, grammar, and English conventions are also included in the curriculum.

WHAT is the difference between ELA and ELL?

ELA and ELL, which is the abbreviation of English for Language Learners, differ in that ELA is often taught to learners with a high command of English, while ELL is intended for those who are studying English as a second language to improve their use of it in everyday contexts.


DO you Teach AP English?

Yes, in fact I’ve designed a course specifically for students who need online tutoring for the AP English Literature exam in May. Contact me for further details, if you’re interested.

Do you have experience teaching the SAt or ACT?

Yes and yes. I have a lot of helpful tips to share for anyone in the process of preparing for either of these tests. I taught English skills for both of these tests for two years at a college preparation center in Istanbul.

What do you like most about teaching abroad?

I love living where I can see and learn something “new,” to my eyes, everyday. I suppose this is possible in my home country, but something excites me about immersing myself in a new culture. It keeps me young!