“Bringing my enthusiasm for ELA to a secondary classroom is the next step in bridging my life and work.”

My name is Erica Eller and I am currently seeking a secondary ELA teaching position at an international school for the 2019/2020 school year.  I expect to receive my Washington D.C. Teaching Certificate in April of 2019. For the past four years, I’ve lived in Istanbul, but I’m interested in exploring new, intriguing destinations.

English Language Arts (ELA) remain a lifelong passion of mine that I have fostered by earning two Master’s degrees in English: one in Creative Writing and another in English Literature at San Francisco State University. Living and working in the San Francisco Bay area exposed me to a lively literary scene filled with readings, lectures by visiting scholars, and independent presses. I believe that the the most valuable lessons taught by English Language Arts are not isolated within classroom walls.

For the same reason, I have actively volunteered as a literary arts champion wherever I have lived. In San Francisco, I began an all women literary reading series, the Hazel Reading Series, that still exists to this day thanks to new leadership. I also participated in literary conferences as a panelist both for creative writing and literary research topics. Finally, in Istanbul, my current home, I spent a year developing the Bosphorus Review of Books bi-monthly editions as a non-fiction editor. Through this role, I identified a publisher for our anthology review, which will be available in Istanbul bookstores in the coming months. Bringing my enthusiasm for ELA to a secondary classroom is the next step in bridging my life and work.

In addition to teaching ELA, I also work as a freelance writer and editor. Find out more on Ericaeller.com.

My hometown is Spokane, Washington in the U.S., but I have lived in San Francisco, California (10 years) and Istanbul, Turkey (4 years) for the majority of my adult life. Thanks to my wanderlust, I’ve also travelled to Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Turkey, Georgia, and Japan. My curiosity towards language led me to study Japanese, Spanish, German, and Turkish.